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New in Box Turkey Deep Fryer Cooker

  • Price : R 40
  • City: Johannesburg
  • State: Gauteng
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New in Box Grill Smith. All in One 30 quart Turkey Deep Fryer / Steamer / Boiler Set, contains everything you need to fry turkeys, boil shellfish and more.
The 30-quart pot is large enough to fry turkeys up to 18 pounds. The turkey stand and lifter make it easy to position the turkey in the pot and remove it from the pot.
This set contains a welded stand and cast iron burner.
It comes with an adjustable 5-PSI regulator and a 12-inch thermometer to help you maintain proper cooking temperature.
The unit is equipped with an automatic timer with self shut-off to provide a safer cooking experience.
Make use of the thermometer to determine and maintain the perfect cooking temperature throughout.
The aluminum turkey fryer with its lid is to be placed over a sturdy stand.
A lifter is also included with the purchase and makes for safe handling.
30-quart aluminum pot and lid
Automatic timer
Welded, sturdy stand
Cast iron burner
T-Star and lifter included
regulator, thermometer