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Angus Cow Calf Pairs (4-5 yrs old)

  • City: Alexandra
  • State: Gauteng
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   Phone 0629524307


I have 4 angus cow calf pairs available now. 4-5 years old, all solid mouth. 2 heifers and 2 bull calves. I have a black white face that should be calving any day and a full black angus that should go within be next month. All shots and vaccinations up to date. Very nice group that allow myself and 2 year old boy to walk beside them. 1- black pair, 1.5 months old Heifer calf 1- black pair, 1 month old heifer 1- black pair, 3 weeks old bull calf (big calf) 1- red angus pair, black calf, days old bull calf 1 - black white face calving any day now 1- black calving within a month. $12,000 for all the cow/calf pairs $5,000 for the 2 cows - once they calve, they will also be $3,000 each. Would like to sell as a group only but would be willing to separate for $3,300 pair and $2,750 for the preg cows.